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Common Questions


How to do I Kill Green Algae in my pool?  

Double Shock the pool (2 lb. of Power Magic Shock per 10,000 gallons).  Run the filter until the pool clears!  Chlorine Kills Algae!


How to do I clear Cloudy Water?

Check the chlorine level, if low shock the pool.  Once you have shocked the pool and it is still not clearing up, use a Clarifier to help pull the small particles together.  You should also check your filter to see if it needs to be cleaned, or backwashed, or sand changed.


I have a brown sandy substance on the bottom of my pool that puffs up when I try to vacuum.

You probably have mustard algae.  Mustard Algae is not killed by chlorine.  You must you a special killer called Mustard & Black Magic to destroy the mustard algae so your filter can pull it out.


I have trouble maintaining chlorine residual.

Shock the pool. If you still have trouble, bring your water into Pool Park  FREE water analysis.  The water test will help determine why your chlorine keeps dropping.


How often do I need to clean my grids?

Depends on the usage of the pool and pool care.  Thoroughly clean your grids using Filter Magic at least once at the end of the season.  Do this more often if you encounter algae problems or low filter flow.