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pH and Total Alkalinity

Yes, pH and Total Alkalinity are two extremely important factors to check weekly with your test strips.  Total Alkalinity is the buffer for your pH and must be maintained at a certain level in order for your pH to be correct.  With Poolmart & Spas' GENTLE SPA system, we can allow this level to be high (if you are using Bromine or the Vision system).  It is recommended that the Total Alkalinity be at 200 ppm and higher.  If the Total Alkalinity drops below 200, everything starts to fall apart, your water chemistry, your equipment, funky odors, foaming, etc.


The only time you have to react to your pH reading is when it is below 7.4.  You have no need for pH decreaser or increaser while using Bromine or the Vision Cartridge.  You should only have Total Alkalinity Increaser at home.

Pool Parks Ideal Range on the Test Strips is: pH 7.4 or higher Alkalinity 200 ppm or higher