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Water Change Recommendations

The amount of time you wait between changing your hot tub water really depends on the amount of   use that you get out of your hot tub. No matter how many chemicals you put in your water, the water in your hot tub will eventually become old and dirty.  Changing the water at least twice a year or every six months is a good rule of thumb.  Again, it depends on the amount of usage in the hot tub.  If you and your family are in the hot tub 3 times or more a week, you may want to change the water every 3 to 4 months.


When the tub is empty now is a good time to clean the shell of the hot tub.  You can use a Spa Surface Cleaner or Natural Chemistry's Clean N Perfect.  Do not use household cleaners on your hot tub.  These cleaners are abrasive and could damage the shell.  After cleaning the shell make sure you thoroughly rinse the hot tub out.  Now is also a good time to clean or replace your hot tub cartridge.  It is a good idea to remember to clean you hot tub filter at least once a month.


After the hot tub has been cleaned, now is the time to refill the spa and start adding your chemicals.


If you get behind on your daily hot tub maintenance and find that you cannot get your water to stay clear, it is usually a sign that it is best to go ahead and drain your hot tub water. Not only will you be glad you did your friends and family will be glad you changed your hot water as well