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Vacation Instructions

Just follow these simple steps:


1.  Make sure you set your automatic timer for 12 hours on/12 hours off.  If you do not have an automatic timer, pick one up at Pool Park or have a neighbor come over and turn your pool pump on and off daily.  If you leave your pump off while you are gone, there is a very high probability that your pool will not have clear water when you return.


2. Fill up your automatic chlorinator, floater or skimmer basket with chlorine.  Or have your neighbor add sticks to your skimmer basket, as needed.


3. Double Shock your pool. This means if you normally use 2 bags to shock your pool, add 4 bags and run the filter for 12 hours.  This may seem like a lot, but it’s better to have too much chlorine in your pool than not enough.  Too little or no chlorine will allow your pool to turn green.


4. Finally, add a double dose of algaecide.


You can put on your solar cover while you are gone to keep out critters, leaves, bugs, etc. Also, it retains heat and reduces evaporation.  Once you return, run the filter over night and bring a water sample to Pool Park  for analysis.